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Airtech 3D Printed Composite Tooling Enables Legendary Brumos Racing to Take on Pikes Peak 100th Running

22 Jun, 2022

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – June 22, 2022: Airtech Advanced Materials Group, a leading manufacturer of composite tooling solutions, today announced it has been named Brumos Racing Technical Partner. Airtech teamed with BBi Autosport to produce 3D printed molds and composite production parts for a newly updated Porsche GT2 RS Clubsport for the Brumos Racing team. Helmed by racing legend David Donohue and brandishing the famous Brumos Racing livery, this state-of-the-art vehicle can be seen in competition at the 100th running of the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb on June 26, 2022.

During this partnership, Airtech assisted BBi Autosport's vehicle manufacture by providing aerodynamic enhancements to the Porsche racecar using 3D printed mold tooling manufactured with Airtech's Dahltram® printing resins and Print-Tech® in-house 3D printing service. The specialized, lightweight components were produced on these molds using NEXX Technologies carbon fiber prepreg (distributed by Airtech).

The new 3D printed parts provide Brumos Racing with increased efficiency, flexibility, drastically compressed schedule and improved aerodynamics for maximum performance during competition. Brumos Racing has quickly adopted cutting-edge technologies to improve its car design and provide performance advantages. With Airtech additive manufacturing resins and composite tooling capabilities, Brumos Racing is exploring new opportunities for higher performance and more efficient parts.

Airtech’s Dahltram® resin range is uniquely suitable for multiple print platforms and offers production flexibility with end-use material approvals. Continuous thermal cycle testing, pressure leak testing, laser surface scanning and contact material testing have generated data that supports more than 350 autoclave cycles without degrading the Dahltram® tooling. Airtech Advanced Materials Group has Dahltram® additive manufacturing resins and Print-Tech® large-scale 3D printed tool capabilities in the USA and Europe.

About AIRTECH - Established in 1973, Airtech Advanced Materials Group consists of Airtech International Inc., Huntington Beach, California; Airtech Europe Sarl, Differdange, Luxembourg; Airtech Advanced Materials UK Ltd., Chadderton, England; and Airtech Asia Ltd., Tianjin China. It serves the aircraft-aerospace, printed circuit board, marine, wind power, automotive and recreational industries. Airtech is the largest privately owned manufacturer of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials of its kind in the world. With nearly 50 years of extrusionand compounding experience, Airtech has taken the next step into additive manufacturing with Print-Tech® large scale additive manufacturing tooling service for composites and the new line of Dahltram® tooling and Dahlpram® purging resins.

The About The Brumos Collection - Brumos Collection is 35,000 square feet dedicated to the technology, innovation and historical significance behind some of the world’s finest automobiles. From the main collection to interactive experiences that take you back to the early days of automotive design, racing, and the drivers themselves, it’s is a walk-through automotive and racing lore you won’t soon forget. The collection imparts a sweeping story of automotive development through racing, from open cockpit and Indy racers to Brumos Racing’s own dominance under the Porsche marque. More than a technical tale, the exhibition reveals the very soul in these machines.