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Airtech Advanced Materials Group Unveils Game-Changing Partnership with CEAD

02 Nov, 2023

Cutting-edge 3d Printing Technology To Revolutionize Precision Manufacturing

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – November 03, 2023: Airtech Advanced Materials Group is excited to announce a significant advancement in their additive manufacturing capabilities. The company has seamlessly integrated CEAD's Flexbot systems into its advanced manufacturing portfolio, signifying a significant enhancement in its technological capabilities.

CEAD's Flexbot, a robust robot-based large format 3D printing solution, offers an impressive 3x1m build volume, CNC milling capabilities, and Dynamic Flow Control, making it an all-in-one advanced solution for precision manufacturing.

This state-of-the-art technology now resides in Airtech’s Springfield, TN (USA) Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence, where it plays a pivotal role in developing innovative resins for 3D printing and exploring new applications across diverse market segments.

Gregory Haye, Director of Additive Manufacturing at Airtech, highlights the importance of this addition, stating, "CEAD's industry-leading, fully integrated, robotic printing and milling hybrid solution equips Airtech to support its continued growth in the additive manufacturing market segment, providing unparalleled support for CEAD and Airtech customers worldwide."

Additionally, Airtech's additive manufacturing experts are set to deepen their knowledge and expertise through daily utilization and planned developmental activities with the CEAD Flexbot. This will further enhance their ability to support global customers utilizing Airtech Dahltram® resins with CEAD Flexbot and Robot Extruder solutions.

This partnership is poised to advance the additive manufacturing industry, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in precision manufacturing. Lucas Janssen, CEO of CEAD, reflects on this milestone, saying, "This marks a significant step in reinforcing our pivotal relationship with the exceptional team at Airtech.”