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Airtech Advanced Materials Group and Additive Engineering Solutions Partner to Grow Large Format Additive Manufacturing Applications

19 Mar, 2024

SPRINGFIELD, TN & AKRON, OH – March 11, 2024 : Airtech Advanced Materials Group, the industry leader in specialty formulated additive manufacturing materials, and Additive Engineering Solutions (AES), a market leader with the industry's largest installed capacity of Large Format Additive Manufacturing (LFAM), have entered into an exclusive supply Agreement.

Under this agreement, Airtech will provide comprehensive support to AES in additive manufacturing business opportunities and technical areas. In return, AES commits to exclusive use of Airtech products in its LFAM projects, ensuring the highest quality and performance standards.

The collaboration will extend beyond product supply, encompassing joint efforts in design practices, material characterization, tooling to part interaction, material processing, new material development, as well as market penetration strategies.

Austin Schmidt, President and Co-Founder of AES, commented, “This is a logical agreement between two market leaders in the LFAM space and we are thrilled to further our existing relationship with Airtech.” Andy Bridge, Director of Business Development at AES, added, "I have been impressed with the level of material testing, especially tool-part interaction evaluation that Airtech focuses on.”

Gregory Haye, Director of Additive Manufacturing at Airtech Advanced Materials Group, emphasized the company's dedication to supporting AES and its clients, “Airtech is excited to expand their relationship with one of the first commercial adopters of LFAM in North America. AES is dedicated to this technology and delivering meaningful problem-solving solutions to their customers. We look forward to supporting AES customer project success by providing our industry-leading material solutions and technical support capabilities.”

The exclusive partnership between Airtech Advanced Materials Group and Additive Engineering Solutions holds significant promise for the Large Format Additive Manufacturing sector. By pooling their expertise and resources, both companies aim to deliver enhanced product quality, streamlined processes, and innovative solutions. With a focus on driving real-world results and customer satisfaction, this collaboration signifies a practical step forward in addressing industry challenges, new market penetration and meeting evolving customer needs.

Additive Engineering Solutions is the first manufacturer to offer contract LFAM services globally. Established in 2016, AES currently has four LFAM printers that are supported by four large CNC mills and a dedicated team of experienced engineers. AES specializes in design and fabrication of 3D printed tooling for composites, end use items, full scale engineering mockups, marketing displays, and assembly verification articles. Key markets supplied include defense, general aviation, marine and space.