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Prepreg / Autoclave

The molding of pre-impregnated fabrics and film infused fabrics typically requires the use of elevated temperatures and vacuum consolidation under a vacuum bag in either Oven or Autoclave.

Why use vacuum bagging? Vacuum bags apply even pressure to complex shapes. Atmospheric pressure, 14.7 lbs. per square inch (2,000 lbs. per square foot) can be applied. Inside pressurized Autoclave vessels this pressure can be magnified to even greater levels. This predictable and consistent pressure application consolidates laminates and sandwich panel constructions.

Airtech provides a comprehensive range of vacuum bag materials and equipment required curing in Autoclave and Oven, including:

  • Bagging Films
  • Vacuum Bag Sealant Tapes
  • Release and Bleed-out Films
  • Release Fabrics and Peel Plies
  • Breather and Absorption Fabrics
  • Pressure Sensitive Tapes
  • Vacuum Fittings and Accessories
  • Mould Releases (Non-Liquid)
  • Rubber
  • Tooling
  • Resin Infusion
  • Miscellaneous

Our comprehensive range provides quality assured, performance tailored materials to ensure process reliability and cost efficiency.


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